Deep Cleaning Kit – Scalp Mask & Black Jelly Mask/ 2pcs, ,EILEEN GRACE


Deep Cleaning Kit – Scalp Mask & Black Jelly Mask/ 2pcs,

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Product details

Deep Cleaning Kit 

Scalp Mask  & Black Jelly Mask/ 2pcs


Hair SPA Coolfresh Volumizing Scalp Mask 150ml

White Reveal Deep Cleansing Black Jelly Mask 300ml

sold more than 100,000, won the top-rated reviews from customers


About the product

twice to three times a week  

formulated with helpful AHAs and Activated charcoal

exfoliate dead skin cells and help balance oily skin

combat acne, blackhead and clogged pores

15-20 minutes once, clear, cool and bright

free up pores, then truly make skin care products more effective



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